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Driving directions

To get to the airport from the south of Barcelona (Castelldefels, Sitges, Vilanova, Tarragona) the quickest way is the Pau Casals C-32 toll motorway, which circles all the coastal towns. This is the route shown on the map.

The free option is to take the route of national road N-340 to El Vendrell and then take the C-31, also called Costas del Garraf or AutovĂ­a de Castelldefels.

From the north of Barcelona, the most common and quickest option is usually to take the Ronda de Dalt or Ronda del Litoral.

How to get the terminals T1 and T2

The airport has different accesses depending on whether you are going to terminal T1 or T2. Check first with your airline to see which terminal it operates from and follow the signs on the road that will guide you to terminal T1 or T2.
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GPS coordinates of the airport:

Terminal T1 Latitude: 41°17'18.40"N || Longitude: 2° 4'23.72"E
Terminal T2A Latitude: 41°18'8.17"N || Longitude: 2° 4'25.30"E
Terminal T2C Latitude: 41°18'17.44"N || Longitude: 2° 4'56.53"E
Terminal T2B Latitude: 41°18'13.31" || Longitude: 2° 4'39.66"E

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Description of the access roads indications:

AP-2: Northeast motorway, Zaragoza - Barcelona - Tarragona ( It has tolls).

AP-7: Mediterranean motorway. ( It has tolls)

B-10: Ronda del Litoral.

B-20: Ronda de Dalt.

B-22: Section in El Prat de Llobregat goes to C-31 to the airport terminal T1.

C-16: Monserrat motorway/highway Llobregat, Barcelona to Puigcerdá ( It has tolls).

C-245: Inland road crossing Les Botigues de Sitges, Castelldefels, Castelldefels, Gavà, Viladecans, Sant Boi towns.

C-31: Motorway from Vendrell to Figueras.

  • Section between Sitges and Castelldefels also know as Costas del Garraf ().
  • Section crossing Castelldefels also know as Castelldefels highway (autovía de Castelldefels).

C-32: Pau Casals motorway (A16) (El Vendrell-Barcelona) / Maresme motorway (Barcelona-Girona) ( It has tolls).

C-32b: Road to the Airport.

C-58: Vallés motorway.

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