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Rent a Car in Barcelona Airport

The most reliable car rental companies hirecar companies have their office in Barcelona Airport. , major have their car rental offices and all allow their customers to return the car at the airport.

So simple: Book now, pick it up when you arrive at the airport and return it when you leave or at another branch, without complications.

SIXT car hire offices in Barcelona airport

Barcelona Sixt car hire deals

Terminal T1 floor 1.

Terminal T2B floor 0.

SIXT car hire offers

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Europcar car hire offices in Barcelona airport

Car hire Europcar Barcelona airport

Terminal T1 floor 1.

Terminal T2B floor 0.

EUROPCAR car hire offers

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up to 20%
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Avis car hire offices in Barcelona airport

Ofertas AVIS Barcelona

Terminal T1 floor 1.

Terminal T2B floor 0.

Hertz car hire offices in Barcelona airport

HERTZ Barcelona

Terminal T1 floor 1.

Terminal T2B floor 0.

Hertz car hire offers

Book NOW and skip the counter
pick it up at the airport

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Budget car hire offices in Barcelona airport

offers Budget car hire Barcelona

Terminal T1 floor 1.

Terminal T2B floor 0.

Budget car hire offers

Enterprise car hire offices in Barcelona airport

Car Hire National Atesa Barcelona Airport

Terminal T1 floor 1.

Terminal T2B floor 0.

Car rental best deals in Barcelona airport

Enjoy a trip of a lifetime with our superb deals on car and van hire in Barcelona.

HERTZ Barcelona
You find a lower Hertz price, we'll refund the difference: Best price guarantee with Hertz.

Deals Europcar Barcelona
Hire your car now, there's up to 20% off.

Hire a minibus or passenger vans

For many passengers, renting a minibus or van passenger is a very recommended option. You should reserve in advance because in fair and congress time, very common in Barcelona, there is a little supply of people carrier vehicles. These minibuses are these really a very practical and convenient alternative for holidaymakers and long weekends, check the options in transfers page.

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Car rental terms & conditions

Car rental terms in Spain depend on the type of vehicle, you wish to rent. The minimum requirements of the majority of car rental companies are listed below.

  1. The driver should be in possession of a driving license with a minimum standing of 1 year. The driving licence must be valid and without any severe penalties, which may legally prohibit the conduction of a vehicle. In case that you do not dispose of a Spanish driving licence, you can also present a valid international driving licence from another country, as long as it is recognised by Spanish law.
  2. The driving licence must comply with the specifications, required for the rental of a car or lorry.
  3. You will also be asked to identify yourself, presenting an ID or a passport and a valid method of payment.
  4. Most countries charge an extra tax for drivers, younger than 25 years. If you wish to rent a car in Spain, Península and Balearics, and you are under 25 years, you will have to pay an extra charge within 8 and 25 Euro (VAT included) per rental day and driver, and the amount could to vary depending on the car you rent, 4x4, sport car, van etc. Also the amount could to vary depends of car rental firm. In the Canary Islands could be more expensive.
  5. For the rental of specific car types, the driver must be older than 25 years.

Insurances and Coverage

Usually, the rental fee includes the basic coverages: for damage to third-parties, damage to the insured vehicle or theft of the vehicle. Please get more information, if you wish to upgrade the basic insurance coverage when you rent your car.

If the car is insured through a franchise agreement, this implies that, in case of any damage, the contracting party has to cover the expenses up to the franchise amount, while the company has to pay everything beyond this sum. In case that you wish to avoid this franchise, you will be asked to pay an extra amount for each rental day.