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City taxi service to / from airport

Taxis from Barcelona Airport offer their services 24 hours, waiting for passengers at the taxi ranks located in both terminals.

A journey from the airport to the city center usually takes between 20 and 40 minutes, depending on several factors: a ride from terminal T1 will be longer than from T2, the final destination, the traffic conditions and the speed limits in force on the outskirts of Barcelona.

Barcelona airport terminal T1 taxi rank
Barcelona terminal T1 Barcelona taxi rank

Barcelona taxis are famous for their colors: they are black with the doors and the boot in yellow. They are the only ones in the world with this pattern.

Taxi rank at the airport

Terminal T1, level 0, Arrivals.
Terminal T1, level 0, Barcelona-Madrid Air Corridor.
Terminal T2A, level 0, Arrivals/Departures.
Terminal T2B, level 0, Arrivals/Departures.
Terminal T2C, level 0, Arrivals/Departures.


Public taxis can apply four types of fares in Barcelona. These fares must be visible inside the taxi, usually printed on a sticker over the window. Finally, the amount payable must be indicated on the taximeter.

  • Tarifa T-1: urban rate is applied to daytime period for metropolitan area.
    From 8.00 h to 20.00 h, working days.
  • Tarifa T-2: urban rate is applied to night-time period for metropolitan area.
    From 20.00 h to 8.00 h, working days.
    de 6.00 h a 20.00 h los Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
    From 00.00 h to 8.00 h, Mondays and working days after public holidays.
  • Tarifa T-3: urban rate is applied to night-time period for metropolitan area.
    From 00.00 h to 6.00 h and from 20.00 h to 24.00 h, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
  • Tarifa T-4: Fixed rate €39,00 for trips from the airport to Cruise Port terminals (Port of Barcelona), and vice versa, including all supplements.
    The cars with taximeter that don't support the fare T-4 will show a stick with the fare.
    Tarifa plana puerto-aeropuerto

Tariffs (1, 2, 3, 4) Initial service Price x Km. Price x hour
T-1 2,15 € 1,13 € 22,10 €
T-2 2,15 € 1,34 € 22,40 €
T-3 2,30 € 1,40 € 22,40 €
T-4 39 €
Minimum price for a service departing from Barcelona airport all suplements included 20 €
Arrival or departing Barcelona airport 3,10 €
Maximum total amount of supplements 15,40 €
Each or suitcase or similar bigger than 55×35×35 cm (max. 4) 1 €
More than 4 people in a 7 seater car (all passengers included) 3,40 €
Arrival or departing Port of Barcelona 3,10 €
Arrival or departing Estació de Sants (train station) 2,10 €

Arrival or departing Fira de Barcelona (Barcelona Fair) - Gran Vía Montjuïc 2 (L'Hospitalet)

2,10 €

special nights: 23/VI - 24/VI San Juan; 23/IX - 24/IX La Mercè; 24/XII - 25/XII Christmas Eve and Christmas; 31/XII - 1/I New Year's Eve and New Year,
working hours special nights from 20.00 h to 8.00 h

3,10 €

Some references about journeys and prices

The prices are approximate and smooth traffic conditions. Many variables need to be considered (traffic density, supplements, schedules, etc.)

  • Barcelona airport - Catalunya square
    Working days: 26 € aprox.
    Holidays, weekends and nights: 30 € aprox.
  • Barcelona airport - Plaza Espanya
    Working days 23 €. aprox.
    Holidays, weekends and nights: 26 € aprox.
  • Barcelona airport - Castelldefels Sur
    Working days: 23 €. aprox.
    Holidays, weekends and nights: 25 € aprox.
  • Barcelona airport - Port of Barcelona (17,5 kms aprox.)
    Flat fare 39€.

Further information

The exchange is up to &eur;20. If you need to change money or get penny, you can do in the foreign exchange services from the airport and bank branches arranged in the Arrivals hall

Rates are visible in the window of the vehicle.
The total amount due will be indicated by the taximeter.
Users are entitled to request receipt of the race.

Rates from Institut Metropolità del Taxi. (Rates valid from Dec. 2017 until next revision).
Institut Metropolità del Taxi - IMT : 932 235 151
Entidad metropolitana del Transporte - EMT : 010
Lost and found : 902 101 564.