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terminal T2: T2A, T2B and T2C

The terminal

The terminal T2 is divided into modules T2A, T2B and T2C.

The T2A terminal building is being renovated and it is closed, so the check-in desks have been transferred to terminal T2B. The reforms being carried out in the terminal T2A affect airlines check-in, as well as the parking places of the area, which remain closed.

The lobby of terminal T2B is divided into three areas known as Terminal B, Olympic Terminal Building and Intermodal. T2C terminal has two vestibules, one of which is now closed. Check-in process is being procesing in the expansion module. See the airport map for facilities and infrastructure aerial view.

Car hire at terminal T2

Car rental companies of terminal T2 have their offices on the ground floor of terminal T2.
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Airlines and check-in at terminal T2

Sales and information offices of some airlines, and their check-in desks, are located in the ground floor of the terminal building.

Due to works being carried out in the terminal T2, T2A is temporarily closed for works, but the terminals T2C and T2B keep their check-in desks on the ground floor of the building of the T2. Only Easyjet Easyjet and Easyjet Switzerland do the check-in process in T2C.

The Iberia Air Shuttle, also called Iberia Puente Aéreo, is located on level 1 in terminal T1, in the north dock area.

Airlines operating at terminal T2 are detailed in check-in. See Departures and Arrivals at terminal T2.

Preferential access: security filter for families

For families traveling with children, the airport has preferential access in the security filter for easy passage to the boarding area.

Terminal T2. Floor 1.

Boarding areas and boarding gates at terminal T2B

The different boarding areas are located as follows:

Gates M (M01-M08), R (R15-R19), S(S26-S30), U (U37-U41), W(W48-W52) and Y(Y59-Y63) are in Terminal T2, floor 0.
Gates R (R09-R14), S(S20-S25), U(U31-U36), W(W42-W47) and Y(Y53-Y58) are in Terminal T2, floor 1.

Luggages at terminal T2

The terminal has two baggage reclaim halls, room A and room B. Depending on the origin of the flight, whether it originated in Schengen countries or not, passengers must collect the checked baggage:

In Room A if the flight had originated from non-Schengen countries
In room B if the flight had originated from Schengen countries

As an exception, the companies easyJet and easyJet Switzerland deliver their luggage in Room B.

Check the details of the baggage handling companies and which room they deliver the luggage to.

Shopping and dinning at terminal T2

You can enjoy a world class shopping experience in terminal T2, with restaurants, cafes, fashion and accessories, book stores, souvenir shops and much more. Most shops are located in the Departures area of the terminal, after security check points, but there are shops available land side in Arrivals area and before security check points. Go to shops at terminal T2 and see the shop profile for more information on its location.


Transport between terminals: shuttle bus is Bus Transit

Bus Transit is the free shuttle service that connects the terminals T1 and T2. For further information read transport between terminals.

Getting to and from the airport. Private and public transport.

Go to the airport using your car, hiring a taxi or using public transportation, by metro and bus: Aerobus A2, L77, PR1, L46 and N17, if you are near Barcelona or downtown. People also arrive to the airport by train to terminal T2.

From other provinces, such us Tarragona, Reus or Girona, you will go to the airport through the medium and long distance coach service.

Other convenient options are private transport door to door or share transport with a bus or minibus with other passengers.