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Webtrak - Noise map and other data

Webtrak system allows follow traffic planes taking off or landing at the airport of Barcelona. Also provides information as its flight number, aircraft type, altitude and flight route programmed.

The Webtrak system

In the webtrak system the landings are shown in red and takeoffs are on green color . The aircraft with unknown trajectory will be on amber.

Webtrak system will open in a new window, press Show Webtrak.

Interactive noise map

One of the main features of Webtrak system is to check the noise levels from different aircrafts, function performed by data from noise monitoring terminals installed around the airport.

In an attempt to provide the inhabitants of nearby towns a reliable and transparent information of aviation operations and the acoustic levels they generate, AENA has been made available to the public this tool. 
If a flight, or a sound event, has taken place near any place of interest, the system lets you make a complaint to investigate on their provenance and do a follow-up.

Webtrak data

Webtrak application processes the information from the radar data and flight plans that provide the Air Traffic Control Centers of Barcelona (ACC-Barcelona) and the noisy data from terminals of microcontamination monitoring noise (TMR) located in the municipalities of the environment, projecting it on mapping of the area.

This system is currently in testing phase, and certain data are provided by security with 30 minutes of delay. Noise levels are available after 24 hours and are available up to 60 days in its history.

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