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Internet Services and WiFi areas

Barcelona Airport offers a free internet connection through operator Eurona Telecom, a private company operating at the airport.

Eurona Telecom offers a free basic internet connection via wi-fi at the airport, although a download speed limit applies. The company combines this free service offered by selling Internet Access Premium Rate services and mobile data.

The wifi coverage and wireless access points are located at:

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Terminal : throughout the whole terminal.
Terminal :

Terminal T2A:
Public areas: Medas Ready to Eat.
Boarding areas : Self Mediterráneo (M4), Caffe di Fiore (M5), Terracotta (M5), Pans&Company (M5), Sala VIP Salvador Dalí (M5).
Terminal T2B:
Public areas: Ars, Plantaciones de Origen, Pans&Company, Buffet Catalunya, Restaurante Sant Jordi, Medas Beer.
Boarding areas: Aubépain (M2), Tip Top Tapas (M2), The Food Gallery (M2), Europa (M3), La Pausa (M3), Caffe di Fiore (M3), Fresh and Ready (Rambla), Sala VIP Canudas (M2), Salas de Reuniones Catalunya (M2).
Terminal T2C:
Public areas: Medas Beer.
Boarding areas: Caffe di Fiore (M0), Medas Restaurante (M1), Medas Beer (M1), Medas Ready to Eat.

How does it work?

To enjoy this service, enable your wireless connection of your laptop, mobile phone or pda, and select the wireless network with SSID: Airport_Free_Wifi_AENA. If you can not see the SSID network, go to a coveraged area. If your computer does not have wireless technology, you can request connection kit at the HOSTPOT reception. They will offer information and technical assistance to connect to the internet from your own device.

Once connected, open your browser and request any web page; the internet provider that operates the airport displays a welcome screen. Follow the instructions to contract the desired service or use a sponsored service (advertisement).

Other ways to get internet access at the airport

Barcelona airport has no public Internet access terminals (computers) in their free access areas. This type of connection is currently only available in airport lounges, under their access conditions.

For additional  information, please contact:

Eurona Telecom

Customer service: 900 928 053