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Left luggage office - luggage storage at T1 and T2

There is a luggage storage service in Barcelona Airport offered by Excess Baggage Company. This service allows you to leave your luggage and bags in lockers for short or medium periods at both terminals, T1 and T2.

The maximum time limit for storage is 90 days. If the customer loses the reclaim ticket there will be a penalty charge of €10. All objects placed in service slogans are analyzed by X-ray before being stored, to verify the absence of potentially dangerous objects inside.

Luggage deposit at Barcelona airport. Current tariffs.
Period Rates
From 0 to 2 hours €6,00 piece of luggage
From 2 to 24 hours €10,00 piece of luggage
+ 24 additional hours €10,00 piece of luggage

Reduced rate valid for storage periods of 7 or 14 days.

+ 7 days
(+168 hours)
* €7,14 every 24 hours
€50,00 per week
+ 14 days
(+336 hours)
** €4,29 every 24 hours
€30,00 per week

Prices valid until next tariff change.

Prices after: * 7 days, ** 14 days.

Tariffs for special baggages.
For pieces more than 210 cm. (width + long + height) , like surfboard,, bicycle, etc..
Period Rates
From 0 to 2 hours €9,00 piece of luggage
After 2 hours €15,00 piece of luggage
8 to 14 days €10,50 piece of luggage
more than 15 days €6,50 piece of luggage
(per day)
Prices valid until next tariff change.
Promotion for number of bags

This promotions is not valid for less than 4 pieces and cannot be combined with others offers or promotions.

Tariffs for normal baggages
4 to 10 baggage Discount 25% total import
11 to 15 baggage Discount 35% total import
16+ baggage Discount 50% total import

Left luggage offices

There are two left luggage offices in Barcelona airport.

Terminal T1 floor 0, in the intermodal lobby (on the lowest level of the Plaza Hall).
Open 24 hours
932 971 213

Terminal T2B floor 0, in the check-in hall.
from 6.00 to 22.00 h
932 971 272