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Barcelona Airport - Terminal T1

The terminal building

The date of the public opening of the new terminal T1 was on 17 June 2009. Its structure has an area of 544,066 m2 and it has an area of 600,000 m2 for parking apron.

Its facilities including:

144 check-in counters
50 fingers
15 luggage carousel
12.000 parking spaces
Main entrance to terminal T1
Main entrance to terminal T1 Barcelona airport

Level structure in terminal T1

The terminal is divided into four levels. Level 3 corresponds to the outside of the main facade.

The T1 has two separate vials: Arrivals and Departures. The Departures area is in level 3 and Arrivals in level 0.

Levels terminal T1

Shopping and Leisure

Level 1. La Plaza hall and Sky Center

La Plaza - Hall
La Plaza Hall

It is the meeting point. It is also the junction point in the public parking outside the hall and around the intermodal terminal building. It has a large shopping area and restaurant called Sky Center, for the general public. All shops and restaurants allow last minute shopping and buy some souvenirs of all kinds. Some are in public access areas reserved for passengers, see the shop profile for more information on its location. Take a look to Barcelona Airport terminal T1 shops.


Level 0. Intermodal Lobby

It is the Arrivals area. It has an intermodal hall with 14 check-in desks and some offices for travel agencies. Are here also the left luggage offices, the lost & found office and several points of information for people with reduced mobility and information for the VIP parking area.

Check flight Arrivals to terminal T1.


Preferential access: security filter for families

For families traveling with children, the airport has preferential access in the security filter for easy passage to the boarding area.

Terminal T1. Level 3.

Level 3. Departures

You may also purchase tickets for the following airline companies: Aegean Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Egyptair, LOT Polish, Lufthansa, Servis Air, Swiss International Airlines, TAP Portugal, Turkish Airlines and U.S. Airways. In this area, only for passenmgers, there are a lot of restaurants, shops and a pharmacy near the Lobby General Departures.

Check flight Departures from terminal T1.

Level 1. Corridor Barcelona-Madrid Departures

The corridor Barcelona-Madrid, also called Air Corridor, Air Shuttle Service or Puente aéreo (Spanish) is located on level 1, in the north dock area.

Getting to the Departure area of the Barcelona-Madrid Air Shuttle

If arriving by taxi or escorted the transport will leave the passenger at level 3 of the terminal. Go down to level 1 by stairs or elevator.

Passengers arriving with their particular transport may choose to use the public parking spaces located in the outdoor parking area, or use the parking building just outside the terminal. In that case, then should go to level 2 where is located the walkway that links the two buildings and go down to level 1. From the outside public parking is direct access.

Passengers arriving by public transport will arrive to level 3, so must then descend to the level 1.

At every level there are indications, signs and information boards, follow the directions CORRIDOR BARCELONA - MADRID.


Airlines operating from T1 terminal are detailed at check-in page.

Luggage delivery

Luggage conveyor belt
Luggage conveyor belt at Barcelona airport

Companies operating from terminal T1 deliver their luggage in a baggage reclaim hall that is common to flights originating both Schengen and non Schengen. The luggage conveyor belt are clearly marked, and each one indicates where the luggage is coming from. The Madrid Barcelona Air Shuttle has its own baggage room.

Terminal T1 floor 1.

Transport between terminals: shuttle bus

Bus Transit is the free shuttle service that connects the terminals T1 and T2. For further information read transport between terminals.

Terminal T1 private and public transportation

Terminal T1 has many possibilities of transportation. The passenger can get the airport -or leave it- using its own car, hiring a taxi or using public transportation, metro and bus: Aerobus A2, L77, PR1, L46 and N17, to locations near Barcelona or downtown. For the time being, the train only arrives to terminal T2.

Private and shared transfers to-from airportFrom outside the metropolitan area or to arrive from other provinces, use medium and long distance coach service.

You can also enjoy the offers and benefits of shuttle airport (one way or round trip), or a comfortable private transfer. Click on the Transfers image.